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This was so sweet in the strangest way, I don't know what to feel or think to be honest bro


my poor pansexual heart is so full, it hurts

<3 thank you i love this!!


this is cute and funny and I feel like i'm the perfect audience for this shit. 10/10


Well this was adorable

aw the game doesn't work for me, I was so looking forward to being bros ):

I'm on Chrome and JavaScript is enabled if that helps. The screen stays blank, there is no sound.


I was like dirty as hell, then he asked for a return of favor and I was like ewww that's gay man.


I laughed throughout it especially at the end.


i kept laughing through out it its amazing


this is fun. i like it.


i dig it that was pretty nice bro


It felt like I've just watched some JoJo episodes


Was thrown off by the pink nipples at first hah.


ambiguous bits/10